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Writin’ Here
Copyright 2013, Hill Country Veterans’ Network My Observations
The Views and Opinions Expressed on this site are not necessarily those of the individuals & organizations listed herein.
Your Writing Everyone, and I mean lots of people  who know these things, says  Journaling  can help us deal with life.  It seems the act of organizing our  thoughts and putting them down...one  at a time, even one word at a time...  eventually lends itself to...calm. Of course when I have a lot on my  mind, I scribble like a maniac, and  smoke rises from the top of my head,  but TMI there. And of course, if you can’t spell worth  dookie, it could be frustrating as hell.  But then you wouldn’t know it, would  you? And spellcheck is our friend. Maybe once the thoughts are put on  the page, or computer screen, that  saying, ‘sorrow shared is halved,  and joy shared is doubled’ might  come true. And if someone reads your  words, maybe it’ll help them, too.  So whether we write on paper, type on  a keyboard, or drag our fingers across a foggy mirror, get it out, put it down  somewhere. And if it’s really horrible,  somehow over time, perhaps the  choking power of the thought gets put  into the word, and wiped away.   OK, here’s a button that currently links to nothing. It wants to link you to some  Veteran (or veteran-related writing, i.e. from your significant other). Send me  some. I’d like to put some of the best  on the site. Keep in mind I might need  to contact you for some gentle editing  to clarify and drive the story forward. I  write on this site plenty. Don’t give me  the opportunity to write here, too.
Hill Country Veterans’ Network
Interviews with Friends I know people with things to say...  someday they’ll quit jawin’ at the  VA or VFW or WFSC and write it  down, or let me interview them so  I can write it down once and for  all, before the fish gets any  longer, the ‘bad guys’ get any  bigger, or more numerous, or the  women get... bigger, more  numerous, or hotter.  In fact I had a great item (a  conversation with a bunch of  warriors I scribbled furiously to  record) but I’ve been far too busy  with pretzels and beer to chase  them down for their permission to  post it and get some good  pictures. Watch for it next month?  Or whenever my fingers recover  from slaving over a hot keyboard.  Besides, I need a cartoonist for it.  Know any?    
My Observations So by now you know I have  opinions... o.k., maybe they aren’t  grown up enough to be opinions,  maybe they’re just... data and  musings looking for the company of  better thoughts to graduate to real  beliefs worth sharing. Maybe you’ll  send me those “better thoughts”. This month’s story happily is about  an organization listed on the  Miscellaneous page and how the  founder brought a “better thought” to  my simple brain.   Now I think my thoughts have  graduated to a real belief worth  sharing. See whatcha think. (Get a  Grande cup o’ joe) and ... Click on the little button below for my  story, simplistically titled,   “The SEAL’s Sign, and How It Set Me  Straight.” And as usual, your comments are  welcome! I’ll even post some of the  criticisms, if they are aimed at me,  and cleverly written. (Anyone can do  mean and crude).
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