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Vet-Friendly Groups
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  The following organization includes Veterans....  please read all the way through the description. My  friend explained that even though all the  LOS  CARNALES members are from the Law  enforcement fields,  any military (active duty,  reserve, retired, etc.) can be in LA FAMILIA. They  do ask that you ride a HARLEY DAVIDSON or  other American made twin engine bike to be in the  club. It’s not my rule, ask them about it. For more  info about the San Antonio chapter, contact them  at www.lcmcsa.com   The Los Carnales Motorcycle Club is an  organization whose members are all active or retired  law enforcement officers from a variety of agencies  and jurisdictions. They join together for: their love of  American made V-Twin motorcycles, the love of the  open road, the camaraderie found in a group of like-  minded brothers, and to provide support and  assistance to fellow officers and their families when  needed. La Familia Motorcycle  Club consists of the friends and  family members of peace officers  who belong to LCMC. Together  both clubs, acting as one, enjoy  spending time with each other on  the open road and providing  assistance to those in the  community in need.  The LCLF Nation is well known for its participation in  the community and its support and sponsorship of  local and national charities. The Nation is, of course,  especially visible in its commitment to organizations  and benefits for the families of downed and deceased  law enforcement officers. Since its inception the LCLF  Nation has raised over $1-million for charities and  benefits. It tells something of what's inside the heart of  an organization that comes out so generously  in  support of good causes. www.lcmcsa.com 

The Haven River Inn, 

just off 1-10 in


www.havenriverinn.com  830-995-3834 888-995-7200
You probably belong to  some clubs, or know of  some fun organizations  where veterans are  welcome, or at least  tolerated cuz they  bring the beer. If you  don’t mind a couple  extra members, lemme  know the group’s name  and I’ll check it out and  maybe list it.  See more  below.  
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If your group has certain  requirements, (like a  bowling league that  requires a member to  know where to put his or  her fingers)  let me know  that, too... We don’t want  anyone applying just to  find out they don’t meet  the standards. Unless of  course you’re willing to  teach them or point them  to a teacher. Don’t forget  a good point of contact,  website or Facebook page  so I can make sure it’s  legit and you’re not just  makin’ things up to mess  with me. (Uh huh, three  sons here, I know how it  is when you’re bored.)

Los Carnales & Los Familia Motorcycle Club

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We’re going to be exploring  what’s up with veteran-  related groups like the  Veterans of Foreign Wars,  the American Legion, the  Disabled Veterans of  America, etc.  I hear some  have closed their doors from  lack of business, and here  I’m thinkin’ business would be  boomin’. What’s up with that?  Have you checked your local  groups out? Opinions? Seems  if I met just one person who  made the trip worthwhile,  it’d be worth it, if yakkin’  with Vets is better than  yakkin’ with us ignorant  civilians... just sayin.’ 
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