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Wellness-related Good Things
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Wellness-Related Good Things
Hope 4 PTSD Vets HOPE4PTSDVETS.ORG is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by veterans for veterans wounded by trauma (or PTSD) as a result of their military service.  We increase awareness within both the veteran and general population about the effects of trauma/PTSD on our veterans and their families. Our mission is to provide healing and balance to wounded veterans through innovative, holistic, practices. Projects and wellness retreats are built on a foundation of confidential, peer-driven support and accountability. The goal of our healing and wellness programs is to provide the veteran practices he or she can use to overcome the onslaught of thoughts and/or emotions they experience as a result of combat trauma/PTSD. With informed family and peer support and accountability, the sustainability of the veteransí wellness strategy is ensured. Check us out at www.hope4PTSDvets.org
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Hill Country Veteransí Network Pictures of Past Runs
Watermelon Run for the Fallen, Hempstead, TX  on Aug 16, 2014 In 2008, a team of runners ran across America from Fort Irwin, CA to Arlington National Cemetery, one mile for every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. This inspired the family of SSG Jeffery Lee Hartley to hold the first Watermelon Run For The Fallen later that year in his memory. (This occurs in Hempstead, TX, famous for its watermelons, each year in the third week of August). The purpose of this event is to remember each individual from Texas who gave his or her life serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan. Participants are asked to walk/run/roll a mile in memory of a fallen soldier you knew or the soldier we assign to you when you register. In addition to the walk, various events, such as fly-bys, roll-calls, concerts, etc. will take place to honor our fallen heroes.  Please see www.watermelonrftf.org for more information.  
Wounded Warriors at Nebo Ministry  Operating under the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church, this interdenominational group offers practical help to wounded warriors, their families, and/or caregivers. To express our deep gratitude for their sacrifices, we offer respite weekends and activities such as fishing, photography classes, concerts at the WFSC, and marriage retreats. We hope our small groups assist the warriors in reintegrating into non-combat and/or civilian life. We also enjoy distributing gifts donated by the local community to the warriors at the Warrior and Family Support Center and SAMMC, Fort Sam Houston. For more information visit www.fredumc.org and click the Wounded Warriors at Nebo.
The Haven River Inn, Comfort, TX  Located on 23 acres by the Guadalupe River, the Haven River Inn is an elegant 14(plus)-room Bed and Breakfast in a secluded area just off I-10. It is owned and operated by Lambís Tale Ministries, who holds periodic retreats there. Of course the general public is welcome and keeps the inn busy on the weekends and during the weekdays in the summers. Organizations supporting wounded veterans, their spouses, and caregivers, are beginning to use the Haven for retreats and sports events. Come check us out and see why veterans are increasingly wanting to spend time at the Haven www.havenriverinn.com
The Military Veterans Peer Network No one wades a stream without getting wet and no one comes back from war unchanged. Sometimes people need a hand in slowing the disquiet and conflict that combat, deployment(s), military sexual trauma, or other situations produce. No one is better prepared to speak with a veteran about his or her experiences than another veteran, a peer. Veterans desiring to serve in our peer-to-peer network take a training course to learn how to facilitate groups of veterans. Once trained, they are tasked to go into their local communities and create peer groups. Because members of the group set the rules, no two peer groups are the same. Check us out at www.milvetpeer.net  Since the MVPN is a big part of TexVet, I was able to find Contacts to, well, contact, at TexVet’s site: www.texvet.org. Once there go to Peer Network, and under the MVPN logo click Contacts for a list of representatives for the counties. Nice guys/gals. They would love for you to contact them.
The three cabins and sidewalks linking them to the main house are finished. Each cabin is handicapped-accessible and has a bathroom with a roll-in shower!
On the river looking down to their dam and little three foot waterfall. Dang, just writin’ about it makes me wanna go chill out there...
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