Wounded Wear The founder, Navy SEAL LT Jason Redman, was severely injured and struggled to find clothing he could wear around medical devices. He also noticed most people never assumed his injuries occurred on the battlefield fighting for our Freedom. These issues inspired him to create Wounded Wear. The mission was first to provide fashionable clothing and clothing modifications to wounded warriors. Now the mission includes raising the national awareness of the sacrifices of wounded warriors, their families, and the families of fallen service members. In support of this mission Wounded Wear advocates on behalf and facilitates opportunities for those who have sacrificed so much, and to foster a sense of pride, camaraderie, determination, and strength of purpose, amongst them, empowering them to rediscover the hero within. Check us out at  www.woundedwear.org   
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Homes for Our Troops Homes for our Troops is a national non-profit organization founded in 2004  that is strongly committed to helping those who have selflessly given to our country and have returned home since September 11, 2001. We assist severely injured Veterans and their families by raising money and coordinating the process of building a home that provides maximum freedom of movement and the ability to live more independently. The homes provided by Homes for Our Troops are given at NO COST to the Veterans we serve. Check us out at www.hfotusa.org 
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Fredericksburg Salutes Our Wounded Warriors Our purpose is to say “Thank you” to the men and women of our Armed Forces who have been injured in their service to our country. We do this twice a year by inviting them and their families to spend a day in our historic town, To show our appreciation we provide Breakfast for participants as they board tour buses at SAMMC and Ft. Hood, transportation to (and from) Fredericksburg, lunch at a fine local restaurant, and dinner with a 1/2 lb. fudge for the trip home on the tour bus. Optional activities include sightseeing and/or shopping along Hauptstrasse (Main Street) a visit to Street Dreams antique/muscle car showroom, a tour of the National Museum of the Pacific War, a tour of the Pioneer Museum, a special, live rock ‘n roll/comedy show at the Rockbox Theater Dinner, and new this year, a kids’ Zoofari show and petting zoo with Steve Provost of www.ZoofariAnimals.com (a blog). Check us out at www.fsoww.org
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Help Our Military Heroes, Inc. HOMH is dedicated to providing the severely injured military men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with fully-equipped modified vehicles. HOMH is a non-profit organization and 100% of public donations applied to purchasing special-needs vehicles for military heroes in need and to other programs to help the wounded and injured.  HOMH was co-founded in 2009 by Laurie and Ted Hollander and Marybeth Vandergrift. Our Executive Board is comprised of veterans, educators, athletes, lawyers, and business executives who all come together with one goal: to make life better for our wounded soldiers.   Check us out at www.helpourmilitaryheroes.org
I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of HFOT’s groundbreaking for a new home here in the Hill Country and I was very impressed by this organization... and not just the great mission they perform, but also how Larry Gil from HFOT told their story, a bit about how they operate, principles, values, etc. He himself is a character with two purple hearts from not one but two services. (He admitted he’s a slow learner)... More about him and HFOT next month, give or take.
Future site for Book and Movie Reviews/Suggestions. Netflix and Amazon are my best friends while I try to catch up on a dozen years of war. (Got any favorites?) Imagine my surprise to slip in a DVD and see a founder of an organization listed on this site on a TV show (Combat Zone) made years ago. And my, what salty language! Oh well, it must have helped cuz he’s back safe and sound and doing good things for transitioning warriors. Woo Hoo! Gotta love it when you can come back and give back.
Good Things of a Miscellaneous Nature These organizations are all wonderful but don’t fit into one of the previous categories... wouldn’t it be great if we found more groups building homes, supplying vans, outfitting our troops, etc. etc. so we could have a page just for those.... I do have my eye on another home organization to check out. Please let me know, too, what you find, especially if you can personally recommend them.