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Jobs & Job Education
San Antonio Coalition for Veterans is also posted under General Help...but since it lists so many organizations that help Vets, it’s bound to have  a bunch of job-related sites. It’s a nonprofit agency committed to helping solve problems for Veterans from all generations. We provide assistance to individuals, Veteran groups and advocacy through our over 500+ Veteran Service Providers.  A source (who’s pretty darn sharp) told me she’s gone to SACV’s meetings and “not come away disappointed.” Four big buttons on their site keep it easy. Click on “Resources” for pages of organizations that are designed to help Veterans. These pages list their names, who they help, what with, and contact info. Make yourself a cup of joe and start clickin’ at
Centurion Military Alliance   CMA’s mission is to serve transitioning military service members, wounded warriors, veterans, primary caregivers to wounded warriors, and military spouses by providing vetted resources and the most rigorously monitored, tracked, and reported military-to-civilian employment, training, and education program. We ensure they are prepared to successfully translate their skills and experiences from military life into civilian language that employers can utilize. We provide personalized assistance to better serve them in achieving both their short- and long-term employment readiness and job placement goals.  Currently you can check out CMA on Facebook at Centurion Military Alliance.
TexVet The Mission of TexVet is twofold: we support Texas military, veterans and family members by providing equal access to information and referral services from federal, state, and local Veteran Service   Organizations (VSOs). We also serve as the hub for the statewide peer to peer counseling network and volunteers (find the MVPN on my Wellness-related page). Through this network and event-based activities, TexVet has initiated a "No Wrong Door" policy for the veteran community. Looking for a job? Go to, click their Resources button, then Employment, then Job Postings, and voila! pages and pages of real-time Jobs advertisements ranging from warehouse dudes at something like minimum wage (”not for those supporting a family") all the way to big money making analysts in D.C. Some were even for overseas countries, and not just Eastern Europe or Afghanistan!  Check out the great-paying jobs in Texas’ new oil-boom places. And please let me know if something would make my day!
My Ft. Sam friend says Mr. Jarod Myers and staff are terrific and really get results. Their follow-up is amazing: they want to be sure you and the employer are a good fit... you’re not just a number to them!
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Jobs may be the most important thing to you right now, and I want to deliver more options... but the ones here are some of the best, so don’t let the few choices stop you from pursuing them... best of luck and please stop by again soon. I already have a couple more organizations to check on.