The Humane Society of Kerrville From the Volunteers page of their website: “ Walk and Play with the Pets!  We are in desperate need of more volunteers to walk and play with the dogs and cats and give them hands-on care. Volunteers are also needed to keep up with [their] ever-expanding and rewarding [Pet Therapy] program.” They have a Canine Literacy program, where, no,  they don’t teach dogs to read, but “Our 4-legged volunteers and their respective owners help struggling readers develop confidence and self esteem” at the   local elementary school.  Many shelters have resale or thrift  shops that need volunteers, or yards to maintain. Finally, this shelter said, “just spend time with our animals -- the more human attention they get the better socialized they are -- and socialized animals are more adoptable. Any amount of help you can give is much appreciated!!  Remember, only an hour a month is a huge help to benefit the animals!”  Sounds like they (and others) need you. Find an easy one to join.
Tyson’s Corners Wellness and Retreat Center Tyson’s Corners serves our community veterans (active duty or retired) and civilians through services aimed at bringing healing, wellness, and resilience.  Unique services include equine assisted psychotherapy for individuals and families through private counseling services, and/or equine assisted learning for individuals, families or groups, through retreats and workshops. The staff holds current certification with EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) and follows the Eagala model. If you are looking for resources to help service members, their families or caregivers find restoration, please call for more information. Find them at Tyson’s Corners Retreat and Wellness Center on Facebook.  
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TADSAW The Mission of Penny’s from Heaven Foundation’s Train a Dog Save a Warrior (TADSAW) program is to unite wounded warriors, suffering with PTSD, with homeless, rescue-shelter dogs, who are evaluated and deemed viable, to nurture a healing and rejuvenating bond between the two. The result is a positive, non-judgmental, unconditional relationship desperately needed by both. Recently, a much needed boost to this modality was given when the Justice Department redefined regulations clarifying parts of 1990’s Americans with Disabilities Act. To qualify as a service dog, the dog must be trained to do work or perform tasks for persons with PTSD. Dogs do not have to be formally trained by an ADI approved school. Check us out at
I’m looking for a couple other live animal-related places to check out, mostly equine-related. I’m not sure if every base or post has a stable, and what the rules are there...anyone know? 
Please let us know about organizations you recommend that either cater to veterans or are vet- friendly (and I don’t mean veteranarian friendly). You can ask your animal-loving friends where they get their Furry Friend Fix. We don’t have to own a pet to give lovin’ back to a needy creature.