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Click here to contact me/us by email using Outlook. Your real name is optional, but if you want an answer or comment we need a good email. We’re also on Facebook, at https://www.facebook.com/hcvetnet  All communications will be held in strict confidence, unless you’re about to do something really dumb, and I can’t just sit by and watch you through the screen (ha ha, just kidding, I’m not watching, no, really, I’m not). Seriously, your correspondence with me is private, unless you indicate you want it shared, or I ask you to share it cuz it deserves a wider audience. Then if you agree I can share or repost it to the site or Facebook, (or both) you’ll have the option to be anonymous or to use a pseudonym (like, a fake name). Johnny Rico is taken. A lot.
Hill Country Veterans’ Network
To use this email messaging fo
To use this email messaging form you might need (if you’re using Internet Explorer with some pretty stiff security) to click “Show All Content”  when Explorer queries you... then you can fill in your message and Submit it to me... and Voila!  your Security goes back to normal. The company that made this FormLogix email form is clearly from the last century. But then again, who can argue with ‘free’?
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