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More about the VA Medical Health Care Program  Fredericksburg has Knopp’s Assisted Living, Kerr County has two, and San Antonio has about forty places. More local places allows the veteran to choose where they want to live and have their own family and/or support system closer. It’s heart breaking when Victor has had to place people300 miles away from their families because there was not anything to meet their needs locally. Here’s some more info to ponder, but of course contact Victor for current specifics: The Caregiver Provides: A safe family type home (no apartments or townhouses) in the community for 1-3 Veterans.  If you’re wondering, you can provide care for three people max, including any family member(s) who need this kind of extra care. Food, shelter, laundry and personal care as needed. (you’ll need to be trained in basic life-saving techniques, like CPR.; I’d need to learn that blood-pressure thingy) Care to the Veteran 24 hours/7 days a week ; you must own (or lease) the home, and live in it, and have a back up caregiver. Be willing to allow the VA Home Based Primary Care Team to make home visits to meet the Medical needs of the Veteran.  Some things you might not be able to do or assess, like shots! Or oxygen tank replacements. Just so you know, the general rate in San Antonio is $1500 for a shared room and $1800-3000 for a single room; some veterans qualify for Aid and Attendance from the government, and the amount depends upon their eligibility and need for care, etc. Of course some veterans are financially well off and would be very happy to pay for a family-style place. Rates are agreed upon ahead of time. Veteran’s spouses are not part of the VA program, but if they’re eligible for VA benefits they might be one of the 3 veterans you could serve. If not, then they might just be someone who happens to rent a room in your home? Hmm. Lots of possibilities. Application Process: Call to arrange for an initial in-home interview with the Medical Foster Home Coordinator. Complete the application process and required training. Must complete daily and monthly documentation on time and accurately. Your home must comply with state and local construction and safety codes, and pass initial and annual inspections by the VA Inspection team. (things like locking up medications, a fire alarm system monitored and wired…not a bad idea anyway) Be willing to allow the VA Medical Foster Home Coordinator to make unannounced visits to your home.  (he’s there to help make it work out for all involved). For questions and more info please contact: Victor Lennhoff, LCSW Kerrville Medical Center Medical Foster Home Coordinator 830-896-2020 Ext. 12440
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