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About Us
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My esteemed husband and me with the

Grand Tetons of Wyoming in the far, far

away background.

The yellow flowers border a plunging

cliff at the bottom of which lie the

bones of novice riders thrown by their

uppity horses. I am hoping my horse’s

farts propel us forward away from the

precipice before she decides to

dispatch me. 

My bossy horse is named Minnie Pearl

and my good ol’ boy Texan Husband is

riding Tinker. He told the wrangler,

“Oh, like Tinker AFB in Oklahoma.”

“Nah,” the wrangler replied, “like in

Tinker Bell.” I kid you not.

About Us: I’m the voice of a mixed group of mostly veterans willing to help me find ways to support our warriors and veterans. We want to spread the word about the great people already doing ‘good things’ for the troops and veterans, so more great people will join them (or start something new!) so more great vets can be honored. Pushy and demanding, that’s me. My dad flew in the Air Force, and I was Air Force and married Air Force, so of course two sons are joining the Marines and Navy.  Yeah, we’re proud, but things have changed since I got out, so I’ve started asking a lot of nosy questions. The Vet Net group gives me answers, along with a dash of conflicting advice, and hair-raising stories with lots of omissions. (What do you expect from a couple crusty Marines, a couple crustier Army Spec Ops guys, & some guys whose service spans Vietnam to the current wars?) Throw in some wounded warriors who sometimes know more about the hospital than war, some young, hard core men & women, and a few proud mothers and loyal wives. That’s the vet net. Like I said, there’s a lot of great organizations out there, and it’s about time I got involved. But instead of reinventing the wheel (and since I’m late to the party, that wheel would be pretty wobbly), I saw the need for communication and --- voila! --- a website is born.  I plan to bring some of those great organizations to you, and be a venue for veteran- related writing. Along the way I’ll ask dumb questions, make a lot of stupid assumptions, and vent my frustrations (not that they’ll be many of those, I’m sure…ha!)  We want to hear what you have to say. If I mention something you can add to and/or correct, please do. If there’s an organization who helps vets in the Hill Country area that we should know about, tell us. Everyone who contributes helps build the site…it’s the proverbial “work in progress.”  And hopefully there’s something here that works for you.  
The Views and Opinions Expressed on this site are not necessarily those of the individuals & organizations listed herein.
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