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The Views and Opinions Expressed on this site are not necessarily those of the individuals & organizations listed herein.

What’s the Veterans’ Network?

Our Mission Statement: The Hill Country Veterans’ Network exists to

honor our service members, to support organizations working to improve the

lives of veterans in the Texas Hill Country area, and to provide a venue for

veteran-related issues to promote understanding of veterans’ experiences

and sacrifices. We want to “Remember, Honor, and Give Back” to our service

members who served and sacrificed in countless ways on behalf of the nation

and its citizens.

Our Objectives:  First we want to honor our warriors by presenting biographies of our Fallen Hill Country Heroes. We also provide a page entitled “Lest We Forget” for others whose sacrifices need to be remembered, and a page for active-duty Hill Country Patriots Serving Now. Secondly we support organizations currently working to improve the lives of veterans and military members. We do so in three ways: by advertizing the missions and upcoming activities of mostly non- governmental groups and individuals so more Hill Country veterans can contact them to receive the “good things” they offer. by promoting these organizations so more people (donors, volunteers, and participants) may become more involved to help grow the organization so more veterans can be blessed. by improving coordination between organizations so they can maximize and expand the use of their resources, including time, equipment, volunteers, and funds. Finally the Hill Country Veterans’ Network provides a venue for veteran- related issues, views and experiences to promote healing and understanding for the veterans and the public. We can learn more about veterans (and their families) and how to support them through: veterans’ writings: stories, poems, journal entries, etc. and their responses to others’ questions or observations. sharing our experiences as we interact with military members, veterans, and the organizations doing “good things” for the veterans in the Hill Country. accessing and contributions to the associated Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hcvetnet  (or search Hill Country Veterans Network) that allow for more “real time” information and “real life” correspondence. How ‘Bout Some Core Values? The following are our Core Values for the Hill Country Veterans’ Network (so far). There may be more to come as I run into trouble and have to make choices: 1. Pro-Military: every nation needs one. War is inevitable. 2. Non-partisan: The Veterans and those serving need wise, courageous and honest political leadership, regardless of who's in office. Having said that, we don’t plan to get distracted with politics. Plenty of other, better sites, cover that. 3. Respect for you, your story, and point of view. (Although I reserve the right to ask questions, if that’s o.k., so we all can learn). 4. Confidentiality is assumed unless you give permission to post or put your comments in a public forum (like Facebook).